Monthly Archives: August 2010

Why Black people can’t swim


Recently I was on Google, searching for a reason to buy an iPad.  I had gotten into a petty argument with one of my friends about useless technology and, wanting some key facts to strengthen my side, I promptly inquired the omniscient Google for some back up.

My search entry was originally “why buy an iPad?”

But as I wrote “why b…” the search suggestions immediately came up with “Why black people can’t swim.” Continue reading

Wyclef Jean? President?

When I heard the news that Wyclef Jean joined the race for presidency in Haiti, I said, “Kisa? N’ap tout mouri! (What? We’re all going to die!)”

Not that I have anything against Wyclef.  As a matter of fact, I enjoy his music, and I think he has become a superhero of Haiti, a tad bit like what Bob Marley did for Jamaica. Continue reading

The Oreo Issue

“It is a war of identity; it is a war of loyalty; it is a war of image.”

“You so white.”

These words have plagued my “kind” and I for generation after generation.  There is a civil war among black people that goes on year after year without the slightest hint of halting.  It’s never addressed fully head on, despite the myriad of attempts done by politicians, activists, and the like to stiffen it.  This war is what fuels the three words in quotations above (note that four words or a contraction would have made this sentence grammatically correct).  It is a war of identity; it is a war of loyalty; it is a war of image. Continue reading