Reality Shock

It’s common to hear that the elderly and older generation is out of touch. Let’s face it: to some degree, they are.  Teenagers rebel against their parents’ senescent laws, and in politics, old “values” are suddenly less and less applicable to our ever-evolving culture.  There are certain realities of the present day that older people simply do not understand.

But then again, who’s to say it’s only the older generation?  After some observation I’ve come across a pitiful realization: some of our youth are out of touch as well.


Reminisce of the days of grade school.  Remember that old teacher who was a stickler on every single minute detail?  Now think of your mean boss (if you have one).  Do you see a resemblance?  Now imagine what your efficiency level  could have been if you never had that mean old teacher that obsessed over your every blight.

There are some bright students in that mean old teacher’s class who relentlessly brown-nose her, ace her tests, and complete her every assignments.

There are others who slack off and then are furious at their teacher when they see their terrible grade.  They have double standards, and have a stubborn feeling of entitlement for a numerous amounts of unearned privileges.

Still, there is a small minority that recognizes their mediocre work, accept full responsibility of their actions, and strive to improve their status quo.  These are the ones who do their work, sacrifice their time, and find that their tribulations repay them threefold.

Which of the three will be most likely to succeed in life?

All three have equal chances of absolute success or absolute failure.  Surprising, isn’t it?  If not, it surely is for some of these:

The Former

The former are mostly composed of idealistic, ambitious youth who assume that their academic achievement is directionally proportion to their future achievements in life.  While this is partially true, success in life vastly exceeds a secondary and tertiary education. There are idiots with Ph. Ds.  There are respectable people with Ph. Ds that work for high school/college dropouts who have  become self-made billionaires.  What the former fails to realize is that success (and by success, I mean the American view of success) is measured by persistence, resourcefulness, and most importantly, personality, not education.  The worst that may happen to kids with this mentality is that they might not achieve that goal, struggle with reality, and eventually give up on life.

The Second

At best, these grow up to be our politicians.  At worst, they are our gangsters and bums.  They are the nasty, take-no-prisoners, go-getters that when reality hits, they either continue in their downwards self-destructive spiral or rise like phoenixes to various positions of power.  They are the manipulative freaks who enrage us all. Trouble is, their greatest strengths are equally their most traitorous attributes.  It’s only a matter of time before these kids realize not everybody loves them and that the life that they have chosen for themselves can equally screw them over.

The Latter

These come at around one in every one hundred fifty thousand kids.  Too bad there’s not a sufficient amount of young people in my personal experience database who have this mindset.  The ones who do know who they are, and many a time relish the fruits of their labor.  The worst that can happen to these is (just as the former) not realizing their lifelong goals and falling into a deep pit of depression.

Reality Shock

I, as embarrassed to admit it, was an odd mixture of the former and second.  I never realized I was wallowing in, until it came and smacked me in the face. Here’s how it went:

“The real world can’t care less that you graduated in the top ten percent of your class with honors, and can play a few bars of Rachmaninov.  Who cares if you can do trigonometric functions in your head?  What practical skills can you bring to this company? When you can think of some, please come back.”


So if you fit in any of these ridiculously broad categories, please repair yourself before it’s too late.

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