Mathematics: The bane of my existence

I hate math.

That’s right. I said it.  I hate the very thought of it.  It has ruined my test scores. It’s made me 0.2 points away from a 4.0 GPA.  It’s also threatened to batter my self esteem.  But after contemplating on the issue for a bit, I’ve realized that it is impossible to escape it.  It’s there.  It’s always there.  Always behind you, stalking you.

I reminisce of my younger days, when I was around five years old, of when I was eating mashed potatoes.  My grandmother told me to hurry up so I can finish my math homework.  I told her where to put it.

She replies calmly, “How much mashed potatoes is in your plate?”‘

My response: “A lot.”

Her response: “With math we can know exactly how much mashed potatoes is in your plate.  Everything is math. When you’re older you’ll understand.  Now hurry up and finish.”

And so here I am, struggling with Calc and Trig, tripping on SigFigs, (wish me the utmost luck!), on the verge of utter hysteria, and all I can think of is my grandmother’s wise words: “Everything is math.”  Everything. And inevitably, mathematics has taken its position: It will not go.

It didn’t help much once I discovered that logic and general intelligence are measured by math.  Just my luck. The I.Q. tests I took weren’t satisfactory; even if I got slightly above average (I got 115; my weight and I.Q. were the same at the time!), I was aiming for far superior intelligence (around 125-130).  Math seemed to be out get me.

It took a leaf to change my mind.


Image courtesy of Rhea Begazo


A leaf’s intricate patterns, the growth patterns of my backyard trees, it all has some order to it that, with enough staring, can be somehow deciphered.

The more I noticed and studied it, the more I realized that Grandma was right: everything is math.  There is not a single iota of existence in our universe that is not bound to the realm of mathematics.  Nature and music follows the Fibonacci Sequence.  Emotions and life aren’t exempt either (as explained by the hilarious Garth Sundem in Greek Logik).

My epiphany: everything is math, so instead of hating it, embrace it!

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4 responses to “Mathematics: The bane of my existence

  • alilovesloki

    Sorry to hear you hate math… I do too, but I’m in advanced math. It really isn’t hard, but very, very boring. It’s my first period of the day, so I get it over with at least.
    Thanks for filling my day with your blog,

    • Lòt Poto-a

      I don’t hate math; I’m simply not as fast at it as I would like to be, even though I understand it quite perfectly. Math is life, and life is math. Every thing can be algebraically explained.

      • alilovesloki

        BIG WORDS!!! Math is really one of those things that people don’t hate, yet don’t like… it’s basically an everyday thing of our lives that it gets so boring.

      • Lòt Poto-a

        Boredom is only a perception issue.

        Think about it. If a person hates reading all their life, what should motivate them to read a book? They’ll hate all books until they find that one book that does the trick for them.

        What chronologically ensues is a sudden love for a certain kind of books, but it still a book.

        Similarly, I may hate the everyday, applied practical math, but absolutely ADORE physics.

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